What is LinkedIn learning?

LinkedIn learning has thousands of courses which you can subscribe and go through and they’re really helpful when you put them on your profile. LinkedIn is the place where all the recruiters are looking for profiles of candidates.

It all started in 1995 by Linda Winman a special effect animator and multimedia professor started lynda.com an online training library, it was acquired in 2015 by Linden and was rebranded as LinkedIn learning courses in LinkedIn learning are classified into three category business courses, creative courses and technology courses and it covers vast variety of topics like business analysis and strategy business software and tools, career development, customer service finance and accounting human resources leadership and management marketing professional development, project management, sales small business and entrepreneurship training and education under creative they have animation and illustration audio and music graphic design and many more..

In technology courses they’re covering cloud computing data science database management devops and many more the popular topic there are on pmi programming languages design thinking leadership skills there are more than 15 000 courses as we just talked about it was started by a multimedia professor audio and video quality of Linda.

Courses are really very good you can prove your skills by earning a certificate which could be added to your LinkedIn profile and it helps you when somebody as a recruiter search for your skills, if you have a badge you’re going to come in the top of your search result. You can learn on your own time as these are video based courses some of the courses in business category are strategic thinking excel 2016 essential training the six morning habits of high performers and once you go to this page you have easy access to filters of the popular topic professional development business analysis and strategy, similarly you can go into the creative category and look for user experience audio and music courses like creativity bootcamp in the technology, they have enhanced their courses not only with the integration of Linda and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has been acquired by Microsoft. Microsoft azure as it’s growing rapidly it adds more and more courses to the linger learning environment you can filter the courses by the level you. You can find the courses which are at the beginner level intermediate or advanced you can filter the courses with the type whether you’re looking for a course or a learning path.

You can look for time to complete whether you’re looking for courses within two to three hours range or something which is longer duration you can filter them with a software topic you’re looking for starting from azure all the way to react and node.js

You can sort them by the best match with your search or with the view count how many people have viewed the courses. You can go to LinkedIn learning website and register or you can go to LinkedIn website sign up with your profile and register from there here you have a choice to pick the kind of plan you want to go with LinkedIn whether you want to go for career improvement business sales. If you’re a recruiter again the choices will be the same you will be getting Rs. Xxxx.xx as a basic plan for the career and an annual plan will be Rs. Xxxxx annually. This will be one-time payment first month of LinkedIn learning is free of cost although the system will be asking your credit card details or a debit card details you will not be charged unless the first 30 days are over. You can cancel at any time and i suggest if you don’t want to pursue it after a month cancel it right away. Thank you for Reading, please like and share this article.

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