Hashtags are a tool that most people don’t use on LinkedIn

When you start a post, LinkedIn is going to fill in some hashtags for you to choose from. All you have to do is click on them and they’ll be added to your post. I do want to caution you though, these aren’t always the best hashtags for you to use because some may not have much of a following so you obviously don’t want to use those. Always be sure to use a hashtag that has quite a few followers to maximize your reach. One more thing you should be aware of with LinkedIn hashtags is don’t overuse them. If you’ve used Instagram or Twitter, you’re probably accustomed to seeing a lot of hashtags on posts. LinkedIn doesn’t like this. In fact, LinkedIn’s guide on hashtags states that they recommend you use no more than three hashtags.

Hashtags are a tool that most people don’t use on LinkedIn. But here’s the thing—using them will help you get noticed on LinkedIn, which in turn will help you get that new job faster. Stick around and I’ll tell you how to use LinkedIn hashtags to increase your job opportunities.

To speed up your job search and land that new job, consider to read full article. If you’re trying to get more eyes on your LinkedIn profile and aren’t sure how to go about it, one thing you should be doing is using LinkedIn hashtags. There’s two ways to use hashtags on LinkedIn— One is to follow relevant hashtags so posts using these hashtags show up in your feed and then you can join in on conversations. And the other way is by adding relevant hashtags to your posts, so more people will discover you.

Let’s go over both of these. When you’re following hashtags, your feed is going to be populated with posts that are tagged with this particular hashtag. And these will show up even if you aren’t connected to the person who posted.

What you want to do, is, if it’s a post that interests you, go ahead and comment on it and become part of a conversation. By doing this, you’re extending your reach to not only the original poster and many of their connections, but to others who are following this particular hashtag. And some people are going to see your comment and they’re going to be interested in learning more about you, and will go look at your profile. Now, how do you know which hashtags to follow and how do you follow them?

Unfortunately, LinkedIn doesn’t make following hashtags so easy to do—they don’t provide a list or a drop down menu anywhere. You going to have to manually search for your hashtags. You’ll go to the search bar and type in the hashtag. Once you’ve typed a few characters, LinkedIn will auto populate a list for you to choose from. As you select a hashtag, it’ll take you to that page and tell you how many others are following this hashtag. You’ll want to be selective and follow hashtags that have a fair amount of followers so you know more people will be posting, reading, and searching content using this hashtag. Once you’ve followed a hashtag, it’ll show up in the column on your home page where then you can click on it to find content with this tag. And you can scan through the posts and again, comment and join the conversation if it’s something that interests you or something that you can help with.

This is a really efficient way of curating relevant subject matter instead of scrolling through your feed looking for it. Let’s talk about the second way to use hashtags, and that is when you post on LinkedIn. If you use hashtags when you post, not only is there the potential for you to reach your connections, but to also show up in the feeds of people who aren’t connected to you, just because they’re following the hashtag. Also, should someone happen to do a search of the hashtag, they’ll find your post.

So don’t overdo it! The thing that I like about using hashtags is that it’ll help you get started using LinkedIn. The best thing you can do for your career, is to be active out on LinkedIn. But this is sometimes difficult for people to start doing. Following hashtags helps you kind of dip your toe in the water because it helps you curate information that’s meaningful to you. Most likely, you’ll feel more comfortable commenting on these posts because they’re meaningful to you and in your wheel house, so to speak. I really encourage you to start leveraging hashtags on LinkedIn to help increase your activity and visibility out on LinkedIn.

And if you want to learn about some more things you should be doing on LinkedIn, click right here to read more. And share this with your friends. Thanks for reading, I’ll see you next time.

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