Hemant Sharma

Hemant Sharma is working professional with 10+ years of experience into retail and ecommerce industry.

In his spare time, he also helps job seekers launch their careers, helps HR managers find qualified candidates, and inspires his professional followers with daily motivating posts.

He assists job seekers in beginning their careers as well as more seasoned individuals in finding appropriate and legitimate jobs. In addition to assisting job seekers, he also assists HR managers in finding the ideal applicant to fill unfilled jobs in their organization during the hiring process. He serves as a liaison between hiring managers and job seekers.

He has given of himself to help match job seekers with opportunities and hiring managers or HR managers with candidates. Through LinkedIn, professionals keep up with him and benefit from his charitable work.

Along with other platforms, he oversees two LinkedIn pages with 10 lakh and 2.4 lakh professional followers, respectively. You can help his efforts by visiting the links below.

He also oversees a website that is free to use for both job seekers and HR and hiring managers. If you want to advertise any employment on his website, you may sign up with a business email address and begin posting jobs.

How to reach Hemant?

Follow him on LinkedIn or Instagram

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